3 Sultry Fragrances Every Woman Needs This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone is in the mood for love! And, you know what they say… Love is in the air! Literally! And, it doesn’t get better than these sultry fragrances by Dossier, which are absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day. No matter if you want to get them as a gift to yourself or someone else, there is no doubt that every woman needs these spicy scents in her perfume collection. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these affordable dupes for popular high-end fragrances that you absolutely need during the season of love!

Let’s take a look at the most sultry fragrances you need this Valentine’s Day

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Sultry Fragrances You Need For Valentine’s Day

#Ambery Cherry

Inspired by Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry

vegan & cruelty-free

The first fragrance on our list is called Ambery Cherry, and it is actually inspired by Tom Ford Lost Cherry scent. Apart from this being one of Rihanna’s favorite scents, this enchanting perfume is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It is warm, spicy, and fresh all at the same time! This sultry fragrance opens with a delicious burst of cherry and almond, followed by warm spices, like cinnamon and clove, and finally enhanced by the delicate smell of fresh flowers, like rose and jasmine. But that is not all! At the end, vanilla, and Peru balm combine to give this fragrance its rich ambery aroma. Ambery Cherry will draw you in instantly, and those around you will definitely be left wanting more…

Ambery Cherry will draw you in instantly with a delicious burst of cherry

#Ambery Vanilla

Inspired by YSL’s Black Opium

vegan & cruelty-free

The next contender on our sultry fragrances list is called Ambery Vanilla. This invigorating scent was actually inspired by YSL’s Black Opium. If smelling like fresh pear, licorice, orange blossom, and jasmine flowers sounds like something you would like, then Ambery Vanilla should definitely be on your fragrance radar. This scent is further warmed up with notes of deep vanilla and black coffee. If you love mysterious and intoxicating scents, that continue to evolve as time passes, then give Ambery Vanilla a try! And no better time for this than Valentine’s Day.

Ambery Vanilla is warmed up with notes of deep vanilla and black coffee

#Spicy Orchid

Inspired by Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

vegan & cruelty-free

Moving on to Spicy Orchid, an exotic beauty, inspired by Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. This scent opens with a surprising mix of earthy cinnamon, pink pepper, and fragrant ylang-ylang. Together, these unique scents form the base of the orchid heart. As the day passes, patchouli, creamy sandalwood, plum, and vanilla will take charge and wrap you in an exotic and opulent trail. Spicy Orchid is perfect for those of you who are daydreaming about exotic summer nights under the pale moonlight. If you are spontaneous and bold, there is a chance that you will fall in love with this sultry fragrance.

Spicy Orchid is for those of you daydreaming about exotic summer nights

Note: Be extra careful with these sultry fragrances around Valentine’s Day! They will definitely turn heads.

Why Dossier?

Dossier is a New York-based brand that makes clean and ethically-sourced scents for everyone that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Not only that, but the fragrances are actually made in France! With five perfumers located in Grasse and a nose located in Paris, you can’t help but feel like Emily in Paris every time you wear Dossier. And without the traditional price markups of luxury brands, you can enjoy clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting, high-end fragrances without feeling like you have spent a fortune. If all that is not enough, remember that with Dossier, you can truly become a scent enthusiast without feeling like you are making a big investment.

100% clean, vegan, and ethically-sourced

These were the most sultry fragrances every woman needs this Valentine’s Day. Remember that a fragrance tells a million stories. What story do YOU want to tell?